Offering a safe place of hope during those difficult times


For people looking for a safe, non-judgmental environment to talk about their problems then The Turning Point Counselling Service can offer just that.

TPCS was set up in 2002 and has thrived in those 15 years. It is supported by churches in Brighouse and Rastrick, with the aim of providing free counselling, supported by donations and grants. The charity offers help regardless of race, gender or faith.

People come to TPCS battling depression and anxiety, which could be linked with other issues including bereavement historical abuse and domestic violence.

It’s a safe, non-judgmental space just for a someone to say, ‘this hour is yours, where do you want to go with it’. Often people will struggle with that because we are programmed not to talk about our problems. It is about breaking that isolation.

When you’re anxious and depressed and isolated, the first step and picking up the phone is often the hardest, but it gets easier from then, and you will get someone at the end of the phone who will be really welcoming. We’re not saying it will be easy from that point, but it becomes easier because you have made the first step.”