Volunteering at the Turning Point

Sunset over Indian ocean. Shot taken in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Camera: Canon 5d mk IIIThe Turning Point Counselling Service is a small charity and we welcome those who wish to volunteer with us.   There are a number of ways you can do this, each valuable and each vital to our continued development and effective service delivery.

As a counsellor.  Counselling is what we do!  All of our counsellors are volunteers, some with many years of experience, some with less, and some in training towards their Professional Diploma qualification.   Each volunteer counsellor brings their own knowledge, experience and insight to the role.   We always welcome the interest of prospective new qualified counsellors but are currently not taking student placements.

As a sitter.   A volunteer sitter is often the first point of contact for a new client attending the Turning Point Counselling Service.   A sitter will be allocated to a time slot when we know a client is due to attend the service.  The sitters job is meet and greet the client, to offer and make a drink if required and to show the client to our waiting room.   We see the sitter’s role as a central piece of the work we provide, in fact without them we would struggle to provide the service we do.   Usually a sitter will work early evenings at Turning Point or on some occasions on Saturday mornings.

As a Trustee.  As a small charity we are managed by a Management Committee and a Board of Trustees  (several, but not all of the trustees form the management committee).    Our volunteer Trustees ensure that the service runs smoothly and effectively.  Time required to  be a trustee of the organisation varies, it depends if the person sits on the Management Committee, works on any sub committee and so on

If you are interested in any of the above volunteer positions or have any questions about the roles, please use the Contact form on the contact page to let us know your details and what role you are interested in and we will be in touch as soon as we can.